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What kind of personality do you expect the WHITE puffle to have? (pick all that you think will apply)
Adventurous-definitly will be able to play a game with you!
 10% [ 4 ]
Secretive-a ninja like puffle, blending in with the snow!
 10% [ 4 ]
Intelligent-a book worm by choice, will love to spread the knowledge to the world!
 10% [ 4 ]
Crazy-so maybe it fell off a snow bank when it was young.. but it sure is awesome!
 10% [ 4 ]
Fun-fun loving, party going puffle!
 13% [ 5 ]
Fancy-white is for elegance, very classy and will love a tea party for two at the coffee shop
 10% [ 4 ]
Girly-what a flirt! Lets go shopping for some makeup and SHOES!
 10% [ 4 ]
Manly-lets go and live in the wilderness and never take a bath!!Then play football!!!!
 10% [ 4 ]
Other-So mysterious it could be ANY of these!!
 13% [ 5 ]
 5% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 40

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 6: Cave HQ Mission

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PostSubject: 6: Cave HQ Mission   Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:04 pm

1. Talk to G. When G turns on the Crab translator, it will break causing the crab to run away.

2. Using your map, go to the Ski Village. You will then see the crab go up to the Ski Mountain.

3. Go up to the Ski Mountain and you will see the crab jump off the mountain.

4. Go off the mountain. Once you fall, you will lose your map.

5. Follow the crab for three places until you get to the Cave. Don’t go into the Cave yet!

6. Click on the tree stump on the right and you will then see a black puffle.

7. Click on the long log on your left and then you will see a bag of Puffle O’s.

8. Use your scissors from your Spy Phone to cut the rope. Put the Puffle O’s in your inventory.

9. Go back to the tree stump where the black puffle was. Feed the black puffle the Puffle O’s. He will then start to follow you.

10. Go to your far right to go back to the Cave.

11. Throw a Puffle O into the small door and the puffle will go in and open the door for you! Go inside.

12. As soon as you go in, the bear will trap you and you will lose your Spy Phone (not permanently of course!)

13. Talk to the bear. He will talk a long time as he reveals his plot to burn down the Ski Lodge.

14. To get out of the cage, go right until you see a red lever. Put a Puffle O there.

15. Put a Puffle O on the left of the water tray. (The part that is in the air the most because it is tilted)

16. Put a Puffle O on the silver platform to allow the water to flow which will release you from the cage.

17. Keep going around the cave until you see a table. Put the grapple hook, rope, Hot Sauce, and blueprints in your inventory.

18. Go to the door and try and open it. It will open but snow will fall which will block the door.

19. Combine the Puffle O and the Hot Sauce and give it to the puffle. He will then get hot and melt a hole through the door.

20. Go outside. Go to the tree stump on your right. Then the log on your left. Go to the area on your left.

21. Click on the Mountain. Combine your rope and your grapple hook. Then throw it over the mountain and you will be back on the Ski Mountain.

22. Go to the Dock and then to the Town. Then go through the Snow Forts to the Plaza.

23. Go into the Pizza Parlour. Then ask the penguin for a seaweed pizza.

24. Go to the Ski Village (try and re-trace your steps) and then into the Ski Lodge. Go into the Ice Fishing area.

25. Give the bear the seaweed pizza and pull the red lever. When the bear finishes devouring the pizza, he will run the machine and it will malfunction causing him to break the ice.

26. Talk to G and you will realize that it is the bear calling. Give G the blueprints. In the end, you will see the black puffle which you fed the Puffle O fly through the sky. You are now finished!

Claim your medal and the blueprints!
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6: Cave HQ Mission
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